FAQs Endless Earnings

Endless Earning – Validation Process

What is the best way to write the address information. Is ‘Road Xa Ya 54’ or “Road Xa Ya fiftyfour” or Road “X Y fiftyfour” okay?

For validation 2 tags are important: not native, cut-off when the audio is finishing earlier than the sentence. The other tags will NOT invalidate the result

Endless Earnings – General Info

As long as you don’t see ‘No more tasks available’, you will see new tasks very soon, keep checking.
If you don’t see any task for one of the two jobs it means that they run out. In the meantime do the other job if available.

Endless Earnings – General Job (Validation job)

Tag for silence is
Tags are not a hard requirement. This will not invalidate your result. If you would like to it is nice but not mandatory.

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